My kitchen is now several years old.   Obviously when I moved in to this fabulously brand new house , I had every intention of keeping it exactly that.   I can’t help being a mucky cook and each meal creates its own crisis of cleaning concerns.   Firstly I have to light the cook’s candle – I buy a set of three which lasts about six months.   These at least help absorb smells from my attempts to cook.    However, the liberal splashing around of the bleach and other kitchen cleaning agents has not been as well received by the work tops or cabinet fronts – I’ve got patches of bleachy water damage around the sink and underneath the whole length of the worktop – it has gradually dripped down and been absorbed by the bonded material underneath so that it now has a sort of flakey spongey feel and look when I clean from the floor up, especially near the dishwasher.    I’ve been put in touch with a good kitchen designer and installer – so I may well be rejoicing in the joy of a new kitchen by Easter next  year!