Needing to update a home during a time of national upheaval is possibly not the most important item on any family agenda but when we think about it,  the companies that design, build and fit kitchen refurbishments and renovations are possibly twitching nervously at the current lockdown.  They’re wondering how they may possibly benefit from this enforced lull and be able to get in first when the curfew conditions are lifted.   The designers and cabinet makers all need paying or ar being furloughed – whatever that means if different from being stood down.   If you get an idea of your refurbishment design or at the very lease, what you want hanging and whether you want all brand new or a mix of refurbished and renovated vintage and some new – when operations get back up and running, things probably won’t operate the same as now – there may be less staff and things may be rocky for a little while..   but if you’re first in the queue when operations recommence, you will be a favoured customer from then on!