Kitchen appliances are often the most used appliances in the home – the cooker, oven, washing machine and dishwasher all get a daily battering, and the fridge or freezer will generally be used multiple times each day!  It is therefore important that you choose appliances which will fit with your lifestyle and needs.

The hob and oven are an important part of any kitchen – here you have the choice of different heating methods.  Some will depend on your home, such as whether you have access to main gas or not, and the space you have available.  Some people like a full range style cooker, others like just a simple hob with an oven.  These can be freestanding or built in to the units.

The fridge freezer is a vital tool in any kitchen.  There are options here for combined fridge-freezers as one tall unit, as separate under counter units or as a large american style fridge which can dispense water and ice.  This again, depends on the quantity of produce you will be storing in the fridge.