This time of year always brings out the slightly melancholy aspects of remembering childhood.  There will always be some memories that we can bring to the fore instantly.   Because travel was not so easily achieved then, we only visited our grandparent on the south coast once a year.  Usually this was near Christmas.  One of my bugbears was having to wash at the kitchen sink.  The freezing cold bathroom there was upstairs but in those days, children were seen and not heard.  They were not welcome in the upstairs bathroom either.  The kitchen was the hub of the home – despite the fact their one was a scullery – the size of a small walk in larder nowadays.   There was no line of kitchen cabinets with neat range cooker between.  No built in washing machine or dryer.  How I would love to get a kitchen contractor in to update that awful space and fill it with a glorious fitted kitchen!