There are many programmes on daytime tv that handle property matters. Country cottages ripe for upgrading with wonderful new kitchens or sharp enteriors!  A favourite follows the sale of a property at auction, usually a seriously delapidated dump.  The auctioneer talks to camera before the sale, suggesting the best course of action if it’s bought.  Then we see the auction with various bidders fighting to the end.  It’s interesting seeing the buyer in the property, the host is usually quzzing them about their decision to buy and what they plan to do with it.    We then don’t see  anything about that property again until later in the show, when it will either be a raving success with fantastic fitted in kitchen with gorgeous integral units and free standing island or peninsular unit.  Often it’s the opposite – cheap and really nasty upgrade just to get on the rental ladder!   We always see the auctioneer looking around the finsihed project – and enjoy their amazement if it’s a good job done.  Hearing the enhanced sales or rental figures is always inspiring.