I’ve had the chance to start looking at kitchen showrooms and catalogues.  The slow process of getting my own precious homestead smartened up and more in keeping with the neighbours has brought me to the point of needing to tackle the kitchen.  I have so far found it slightly inhibiting.  The incredibly huge design studios and showrooms are bright and very well designed . . .   obviously they are the clincher for the buyers who are flinching in a state of nail biting anxiety – mostly the husband it has to be said.  The worry that your small kitchen overhaul is going to take on a life form of its own costing thousands . . .  Well, it doesn’t have to be that terrifying.  By doing some research into what each of the major showrooms offers before entering the store will at least arm you up front with some knowledge to stop you feeling bamboozled.  Having an idea of the square metre space and how many cabinets currently reside in the kitchen is essential information that any basic search is going to need.  Knowing what sort of colour and flooring you like is also helpful – the huge variety is bewildering otherwise.