I just love looking at programmes dedicated to the art of interior decor and house design.  There is something really exciting about looking at a room set and knowing that in an hour’s time, the hosts on the show are going to have turned the tiny hovel like mess into a gleaming palace of glittering delights or a plain oasis of calm.   There is a need for families to really get down to that most awful of domestic jobs – sorting their home interior. . . .  Getting that sitting area completely cleared of piles of books, hand held devices, sewing gear, half completed knitting projects and the like.  These cause such a draining effect on every body who resides there.   Also the kitchen area – a well designed kitchen is such a blessing – cabinets in the right place to make the walking more time effective.  Islands or peninsular units placed so all the cooking can be prepared in advance and yet near enough for chef to reach all the ovens without waltzing about with dangerously hot goodies in hand.   Planning.  That’s the secret.  Oh, and a really good home design studio!