We’ve had the same kitchen design since moving into the house from new.    Although having a brand spanking new kitchen was fantastic, as was having the rest of the house, there have always been a few things about the design that have irked us.  Take for instance the ergonomic layout of the main kitchen – the hob is set into the worktop down the narrow  end;  there is a tiny piece of worktop to the right which abutts the wall mounted fitted ovens on one side and a corner section of the worktop that leads on housing the double sink unit, coming to a halt before side stepping to the left to form a 5ft peninsular unit.  All the way along under this worktop are cabinets, and the dishwasher.  These and the wall mounted cabinets are large and very fit for purpose.  The gripe is just that the hob being situated ‘down the end’ of the kitchen, puts it in a very dark corner, wherever one stands, we are in our own shadow and can’t see to do any food preparation without first putting on under-cabinet lamps and the cooker hood light.   I need to look at a brand new kitchen to see how it’s designed!