I’ve just rturned from my annual sojourn to a nice hot mediterrean isle.  I go every summer and spend quality time in the villa my chum and her husband bult over many years from 1985.  It is a magnificent spectacle with beautiful white external walls, that reach up higher than on any surrounding village house.  There is a separate bathroom with equipment for the laundry installed also.  What this wonderful spectacle does not have though is a decent kitchen – oh my goodness, home made . . .    much as I admire my chum and her husband for the fantastic building itself, that kitchen gives me the creeps.  It has loads of cupboards lining every wall, up and down, but the doors are a strange sponge limed effect – justike on decorating prorammes from the 1980s.  It would look so much fresher with gorgeous shiny white or cream doors and drawer fronts.  The washing machine is 24 years old too.