When you go to one of the major kitchen suppliers, there is sequence of events that clocks into place the minute you walk through that very large plate glass door. . . . The biggest supplier these days concentrates only on kitchens;  they don’t touch bedrooms or bathrooms so immediately their interest is solely on your kitchen without the danger of you being blown off course by clever ‘whilst you’re doing that, why not think about . . . . ‘  marketing.  However you have to be on your mettle not to be sucked into a heavy duty sales campaign to sell you everything that’s available in the kitchen cabinet accessory department!  There are pull out storage units with innocent looking fronts – behind which lurks a series of trays and containers all waiting for that larder full.   There are also amazingly clean and useful recycling cabinets – a pull down cabinet front which houses two or three bins for recycling funnily enough.  I’m definitely having one of those to save me the humiliation of having to take my green bin stuff out in a large cardboard box!