You know when the time has come to spend on the home – the kitchen starts to look just a little shabby and as does mine now, the worktops have seen better days and that stainless steel sink . . . .   Knowing how to go about getting a new kitchen is one of those grey areas for me.   In all the life style magazines and on commercial tv, there are hundreds of adverts for various companies – kitchens that are so fantastic they send the buyer into a dream world. This is all very well, but it doesn’t tell me that the kitchen is going to be any good when it reaches them.  The measuring up and connecting of all the mains services needs very careful consideration.  I know of one young lady who has moved from her twenty year old house into an Edwardian terrace.  Unfortunately despite promises from the landlady that the kitchen had been updated in living memory, she is still unable to have her washing machine plumbed in because the old pipework has the wrong size and style of connector.  Engaging the services of an experienced kitchen specialist who will visit, carefully measure and investigate what needs plumbing, will check that any new gas hob can use existing pipework.   A designer with years of experience will know the hundreds of other points that crop up during such a project and will often advise changing the layout to make it more user friendly or to cut wastage of materials.