When I was growing up we used to visit my grandparents house about twice a year.   it was not a happy, cheery or exciting place to visit and the dullness not helped by it’s unfortunate layout.   It cost Grandpa £333.00 and they moved into it in March 1933.     I can still see each room in turn when I wind my memory back.  The kitchen was by far the most disappointing feature.  It was an otherwise forgotten corner of the house.   There was a ceramic sink in the corner with wooden drainers either side.  Just a single cold water tap serviced the sink.  There were no work tops -only the lift down hatch on the free standing work station cum storage cupboard – It was tall, with 2 mirrored doors at the top, the centre section behind the hinged pull down ‘work top’ and below a double cupboard, deeper than the upper ones and designed to take saucepans and crockery.    The only other workstop was a oil cloth covered farm table in the corner for the larger cutting and service jobs.