Decorating is a big job for many households, but it does offer a great opportunity to make your home look amazing!  If you have ever looked around new home showrooms, you will understand what I mean by a cohesive decor scheme.  Many showhomes focus on one or two colours which appear throughout the home.

The best way to begin coming up with your colour scheme is to choose 1 neutral colour.  This could be grey, beige, white, cream or any pale shade.  This will be the primary shade which you use on the walls, carpet etc.  Next, choose 1 or 2 accent colours.  This could be a bright shade, a pastel, a dark shade, whatever you like.  This can be picked out in a feature wallpaper, in furniture, in ornaments and other decorative items.  This way, your entire home shows a clear colour scheme which does not clash or look strange together.

A good way to make your home stay appealing even with just 2 or 3 colours in is to mix different textures into your decor – furry and fluffy pillows or cushions, silky curtains, sequins and metallics all mix together well.