Summer is definitely the time to start thinking about re-arranging and renovating a kitchen . . . if it has to be done.  My neighbours are doing exactly that.  I’ve heard about this project since they moved in two years ago.  Funding for such a project is the first matter and then once that was secured, the plans were drawn, costed and the project sprung into life.  They are extending out right across the back of the house to make a huge kitchen and dining area.  Fortunately the hubby is a civil engineer and knows a thing or two about building projects.  He’d already moved their patio area up some steps to a new  sunny spot near the fence.  They have their brick built bar-b-que area up there already – covered if necessary.  They also have an RSD socket down the side of the house which they can use for the ancilliary items like microwave, sandwich maker and other gadgets to make cooking and otdoor living more palettable as the project rumbles on!