The kitchen in most houses is the place that the family count on as welcoming and open for all activity.  This is especially so at christmas and anyy other cultural festival time.    Everyone loves that mix of work, organisation, good cooking and socialising.  Having the utility equipment in close proximity also encourages the  younger members of the brood to take their share of filling and emptying the dishwasher and becoming acquainted with the inner workings of the washing machine. That last point is so apt in a family where the teens have just gone off to university and have had no exposure to working machinery like that!  It has come as quite a shock to realise exactly how mum has been getting their constant supply of expensive and very clean attire available at the drop of a hat for so long.   This to my mind is very much a benefit over the utilities being stuck away in a room off the main living space.  Whilst it’s in the minds eye, it can be noted for use.  Good kitchen design and home interior must make the workings of the house accessibl for all.