The old farmhouses where the kitchen had a huge range for cooking and heating has captured the imagination of almost every neighbour who has had their kitchen and living area renovated or simply gutted and rebuilt.    Our houses here are comfortable size with plenty of living space, but the kitchens are a tad disappointing.   I have seen three very extensive kitchen redesigns and rebuilds in this small area in the klast three years.  Each one has completely gutted the downstairs and made one huge living space out of the kitchen, utility, lounge and dining areas.  Each is dfferent from the others and with the very able assistance of some fantastic kitchen design studios and a home interior team, the results have been incredible.  So big, spacious and family friendly – each has a variation on a similar theme, it must be said.  One has taken out their entire back wall and replaced with state of the art bifold doors.   Another has moved the downstairs cloakroom into what had been the utility room.   All these grand designs make for very large family space with the cooking, eating & working areas all combined.