If you are in the process of moving home, you will understand the impact a kitchen has on people – it is often seen as the most important room in the house, so it is vital the kitchen best reflects your needs and taste!  There are different options when it comes to doing up your kitchen, from ripping it all out and starting again, to simple changes which have a big impact.  Read on to find out how to do your kitchen up to your own tastes and standards!

Some people like the idea of a total refit in their kitchen.  This offers a completely blank slate for you to run wild creatively, but it does have a cost!  This is obviously the most expensive option when renovating your kitchen, as it is going to be the biggest job.  There are lots of professional kitchen fitters out there who can fit and install new units, appliances and other parts for your kitchen, but you must factor in the cost of getting the kitchen units etc in the first place.

Other people like to buy the kitchen and install it themselves.  This costs less than having a fitter do it, but you will need to be pretty DIY oriented, as well as needing to get professionals in to do any electrical/plumbing work.  Don’t forget that any gas appliances such as hobs and ovens need to be installed by a Corgi registered fitter!

Another cheaper option is to simply give your cupboards a makeover with cupboard paint.  This can really lift the kitchen without costing a bomb.