Wow it’s suddenly gotten so cold and damp around here lately – my usual stroll around the garden has become just a very soggy and miserable hour.  I started looking out the old garden furniture set somewhere at the back of the shed . . . . .  halfway through my search, having stacked all the other unloved and unwanted junk out on the patio, the heavens opened and the task has been abandoned.  so what to do.  Ho hum.  In fact this is not such a dilemma – A good hour or so’s surfing my favourite online site seems to be in order here.  A much loved activity just now is sorting furniture and furnishing ideas for when I upgrade my sitting room and dining area.  I’ve had he same interior design for some time now and fancy a change to the newer sleek and colourful themes that adorn the magazine pages currently.   The word currently is optimum though and I take ages to make choices.  That is the beauty of online sites – they give you the time without hassle, to really think if the item is what you’re looking for!