Watching people carry out refurbishments and repairs to houses can be quite an eye opener.  Not only is it instructional in how to carry out various elements of home furnishing and redecorating, but very much also, how not to carry out some tasks!  The mess that some folk get themselves in to is not only highly amusing, but an eye opener for those of us who haven’t any idea how to o half the jobs they show.   Take decorating a bedroom for example.  I would assume you have to totally clear a room out bed, wardroes, cabinets etc. before even thinking of the paint colours .  . . .  but no, it’s possible to do part of the room at a time if necessary.  This can be quite a relief to some who fin a large open vat of paint to be truly terrifyig!    It just needs some careful planning and pre preparation.   Of course, getting th room stripped back to bare essentials is a challenge – we don’t all have spare rooms in which to move the surplus furniture and curtains whilst we work.  So by starting in one corner, clearing the spaces, putting away all clothes and shoes – and wiping down the surfaces, we are preparing the home and garden for the total strip & refurb the room deserves.