I have recently returned home from a short stay away with relatives at their rather smart, perfectly turned out semi in Berkshire.  This couple always sound envious of the fact my house is deemed to be quite large, it does have 4 double bedrooms to their 3 medium sized, and I have a utility and garage etc.  But their house was built by a proper professional master builder, it’s one of a pair of semis because the land wasn’t sufficient for detached.  The builder spared nothing, the house is beautifully appointed throughout, the finish was immaculate when they moved in 18 years ago.  I am thinking here as much about the kitchen as the rest of their house.  The cabinets were superior and absolutely top notch.  the corner units open right up with swing out easy reach turntable access.  The saucepans fit nicely into the double width drawers – everything is just superb.  British craftsmanship at it’s best!