Lots of homes these days do not have the luxury of space for a separate dining room, so it is essential that food is eaten either in the kitchen or in the living room.  Lots of people prefer to eat in the kitchen, as this limits mess throughout the home and makes it easier for cleaning up after the meal has finished!  If you are thinking of adding a dining space to your kitchen, read on.


Some kitchens are large enough to house an island unit which can be placed in the middle of the kitchen space.  This can accomodate seats for a comfy and convenient dining area, or could be used as an additional food preparation space.  When used as a dining area, make sure there is enough space under the island worktops for your legs – you do not want to have squashed knees!


Dining Table

Other families like having a dining table in the kitchen – this offers a good place for children to gather and do homework, for meals to be eaten and as a nice place for visitors to sit while you are cooking in the kitchen.  Many table styles are available to suit different sizes and preferences.