My pals and I were discussing the forthcoming village allottment and produce show that is taking place in the village shortly.  There will be the usual competitions to find the largest veg and whitest parsnips etc.  The same winners will step forward – as they have done year in, year out.  The local community groups come together for the occasion and apart from the usual moans about the judging being dodgey, most people have a jolly good time.  What they always call for before the event are unbiased helpers to assist by accompanying  the judges and put the winning certificates and prizes out on the tables before the entrants troop in.   The local WI will be involved with cakes and craft articles for sale – at one time they would have been helping with the teas and refreshments but that’s left to the show’s organising committee.  In fact the WI seems to take a much less obvious seat these days and some folk seem surprised to discover there is a federation in their midst.  No one can really beat a jar of jam or a victoria sponge cake made in the kitchen of a true and worthy WI member!