Everybody has to have access to kitchen space or some means of anaging food storage and preparation.  whether we live in a one bedroomed apartment, or a luxury mansion, the basic need for such facilities is inescapable.  You never know what you’re going to be faced with when you rent a pad either.  Those flats from when I first left home . . .  oh my word did I encounter some frightful sights.   Ghastly insect infested sculleries with barely any cupboards and almost always a cracked ceramic sink with little if any draining facility.  How luxurious my bulk standard family development kitchen and utility still feels, nearly 20 years after moving in!  I do in fact need a new sink uit and definitely a change of worktop.  These items have not stood the test of time with my rather chaotic culinary efforts.  I try not to make a mess but I’m a hopeless case!  the cupboard doors could be replaced, and maybe that gas hob and wall mounted oven & grill.  It’s rather baffling for one person to organise  and project manage so definitely a job for a proper kitchenware specialist  studio!