I currently have a very large american style fridge/freezer residing in my garage.  Fortunately I do not put my car away at any time – regrettably there is so much spare stuff, the space for the car has gradually diminished over the years.  Anyhow, when daughter wanted to take advantage of the black friday sales recently, she tentatively asked if I could store the beast until she was ready to move into her new palace of glittering delights.   I know now from the description of this palace, that the kitchen is one area that needs a total refurb – it will ‘do’ in the menatime until they can afford exactly the right design to be designed.  I have always reocmmended going directly to a dedicated kitchen designer and installer when a massive investment like that was on the cards.  The multi store emporiums are fine for basic, but for star showroom quality, then the professional is the best means of budgeting and project delivery.